Suhade startup ecosystem
aim to help startups build product user want.

We Create foundation to Build a Successful Startups

We believe in chances, that why we give startups chance to come present to us and we help them build. As a company founded and run but youth who have experience the pain of building business in Kenya. We committed ourselves to working with as many youth as we can, to build the next business Unicorns.


Kenyan online loan marketplace: Access, Compare, and Apply for a personal & biashara loan from Licensed lenders. We helped in crafting the business model and we keep working with the founder.


Connecting health providers with doctors. Ohospital is on of the project and startup build by Suhade Tech team. The business model is also drive by the founder or Suhade.

Uzalendo News

To be able to ensure the culture of media and spending positive we developed and supported Uzalendo News. The project focus more on building the next generation of spreading news.

Uzalendo News App

Quality, Timely news. Graft watch. Social Justice. Advocacy. Governance. Political Analysis. Trade finance. celeb watch. Crime watch.

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